Trueblue Podcast: Months In Review

Howdy All,

This past week the crew here at Trueblue filmed our first ever “Month in Review Podcast!” The podcast itself has been a long time coming as we’ve been bouncing the idea around (and working our way through all manner of video hosting services) for the past several months in our quest to bring this idea to life. And now —after shedding untold amounts of coffee infused blood, sweat and tears— we are happy to bring you the first ever full length episode of this series designed to give you the viewer a little more insight in what’s going on around the old water cooler here at the magazine.

Through the “Review,” it is our goal to engage in some shameless self promotion: by highlighting the best of the best of what our contributors have produced over the previous months; to introduce you to some of our writers; and to talk about some of the things which will be happening around the magazine in the future. Add to this simmering concoction several parts witty banter, our contributors limitless sex appeal, and a healthy dose of news coverage… and voila instant YouTube click bate!

So come one, come all and join us in this grand adventure as we look to expand our presence in and around the net!


And a special thanks to our sponsor Your source for everything graphically designed!

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