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Truebrews Pt 1: Point Special

Stevens Point Brewery, Stevens Point, WI

Abv: 4.66% | 9 IBU | Price: $9/pitcher | American Lager

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. I was with an old friend, wandering downtown and looking for a cheap pint of something we both haven’t had in a while. We passed the usual hangouts: pizza joints and dive bars alike. We were in search of something different. Eventually, we found our way into an old tavern. It was not historically old, but was complete with wood panelling, a jukebox and a mortal kombat arcade game. We ordered the first beer we saw the “under $10 a pitcher” title. Point Special.

This old-fashioned lager was served from an unnecessarily heavy glass pitcher into classic 10 oz. glasses. Stevens Point Brewery, despite existing since 1857, is not known for its award-winning flavour. Needless to say, we had low expectations for this beer, but after quaffing through several of those tiny glasses, it was time for some real tasting.

The aroma was minimal, at best. Its presentation wasn’t anything spectacular – pale yellow, crystal clear, well-carbonated with a bit of head. We expected the taste to be along the lines of a locally brewed discounted beer, but we were pleasantly surprised when it tasted more like a decent lager than some 30-pack swill. It had a light body with few notes of fruit, grain and a hint of bitterness to finish it off. The aftertaste was quick, crisp and refreshing.

In all, this lager was a pleasant surprise from our local Stevens Point Brewery and a surprising start to a Sunday afternoon.

Point Special

Final Thoughts

The aroma was minimal at best. Its presentation wasn’t anything spectacular - pale yellow, crystal clear, well carbonated with a bit of head.

Overall Score 3.1 Decent

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