Twoople: the Newest Way to Communicate

Text messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate. Years ago in a not-so-distant universe, we were required to pick up the receiver and place a call to transmit our message. Tekkies could only dream of cell phones, video messaging and other technologies that would allow users to remaining connected from anywhere in the world. With rapid advancements in media, text messaging has become a huge phenomenon. We are able to communicate with text in ways that we could once only imagine, allowing us to text an address between meetings, or share details about your awesome party with friends or send a quick message to your boss when you’re running late to work. We’ve come a long way from the carrier pigeon, but staying connected on all platforms still requires some work. “Shouldn’t there be a universal way for others to chat with you that works on every device and every network?” said Patrick Arlia, founder, Twoople. “Now there is and it’s called Twoople.”

Twoople, a Toronto-based startup was conceptualized in 2012 and launched in May 2014 at TechCrunch Disrupt. It allows users to chat with anyone who provides their personalized Twoople address – including the Arlia himself ( Arlia has positioned himself as an approachable communicator with a genuine interest in improving his concept, encouraging users to discuss ideas with him. The best part is that registration or downloads are not required to engage in the conversation. This concept is ideal in a world when we do not always want to distribute our personal contact information, but still want to keep in touch.

Looking for an easy way to communicate with contacts without putting your phone number on your business card? Twoople provides the means of conversation without over-sharing. Meet someone at a bar and interested in keeping the conversation going without the potential of bombarding text messages? Twoople is a safe bet to use instead. For companies looking for a simplified communication method without using their Facebook or Twitter as primary methods of communication, Twoople is ideal. Messages can be sent and received quickly, meeting both the needs of the business and the client.  “As a professional, or anyone that has something to offer for that matter, this is the way to market yourself to chat,” said Arlia.

 Twoople: The new name in layerless approachable communication

Arlia compares the concept to a live-chat button on an e-tailers website. Ask a question and you’ll likely receive a prompt reply, but these services are often expensive, limited to web use and require tech assistance during the implementation process. “Twoople offers the same layerless communication process however it’s extremely versatile in where it can go (it’s a link) and anyone can use/share it (no tech required)”, stated Arlia.

The growth of this concept could lead to the revolution of chat. Arlia is pushing the envelope with something different: a concept where users do not need to give the world their phone number to continue the conversation. With the popularity of chat constantly evolving but the main idea remaining the same, the risk of becoming stale is imminent. Only time will tell if Twoople will be the next big thing in chat.

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