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The US Army Attacks the US Army: We Have Met the Enemy & They Are Us

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At least that is the army recruiting poster that greets you step through the military looking glass of the army recruiting office. What the hell is that all about…they say they can build you into an army of one..why do they need me? One is plenty…perhaps if every military had only ‘one army of one” we could keep the battlefield death count to a minimum. Ask anyone who has served in the military but wasn’t all go gungho and apt to re-enlist five consecutive times and chances are they will tell you that FTA was army abbreviated nomenclature (or ABREVNOM) for Fuck the Army. For me my ETS or Estimated Time of Seperation from the military was as welcome to me as the second coming is to the born again Southern Baptist in Georgia. (FYI…the Second Coming will not happen in will be in Roswell, New Mexico and confused with a weather balloon!)

Active military duty is one thing…being a vet with an honorable discharge is a tank of a different color. The main difference is that active duty personnel are asked to perform the patriotic limbo by bending over backwards for their country in the raging battle for another countries oil reserve or to stop a contrary political dogma in it’s tracks. On the other side of patriotisms double edged sword, the vet is asked to bend over forwards and take it in the ass. So, that’s what Fuck the Army means no matter what John Wayne says, who by the way never served a day in the military for some minor physical deferment. The Duke was a lip synch patriot who in reality on the silver screen proved that Rooster Cogburn was not to a rooster at all –but mere chicken shit. Why did the duke cross the road? To avoid military service….at all costs…

From Fighting ‘for’ the Army to Fighting ‘the’

Veterans today are faced with numerous bricks in the wall from a comfortably numb government who would rather hide the issues on the darkside of the moon. (I had to do it for all you Floyd Fans!) When it comes to vets benefits in the past, the government took a real duck and cover their ass attitude while professing to promote patriotism in the ranks. It was the same old tired speeches, like the aging high school football coach who after each game, win or loose using cliche terminology such as “It’s a good ball team, and we have to focus on one game at a time….it doesn’t matter if we go to the state finals…the kids gave it all they have…” Yadda, Yadda, Yadda… real time real does matter if you win or loose…but what happens when the smoke of battle clears…the troops ETS and look for those bennies they were promised in exchange for putting their red, white and blue ass on the line and in the line of fire?

What about the sacrifice made…you know, little things like loosing a leg, arm or eye in battle or suffering from a severe mental condition brought on by the horrors of war. During the Vietnam era, exposure to agent orange caused a fall-out and backlash of outrage from our country’s vets, families, organizations and the public at large. It was bad enough watching plane loads of body bags arrive from Vietnam on nightly television newscasts…but the suffering of vets who survived alive soon became apparent while it took years for the government to fess up to agent orange. Today, the VA hospitals are falling apart, mental health programs for vets are being cut, and you will find it hard to walk down any street in any major city of America without out seeing homeless vets in wheelchairs sparechanging their lives away. Ah, but it’s business as usual, the status quo is quoted, and the machine drones on while the drones fill the skies making Orwell’s news-speak a reality of perception created by the Brothers Big.


Iwould not in a New York minute buy a used car or campaign promise from any member of congress or any president that includes the entire lineage from George Washington to Barrack Obama. The US Government has a history of making promises and then breaking them, or changing the rules later on issues from veterans affairs to treaties entered into in good faith with America’s Native American Tribes. Although this practice of fucking the vet over is near criminal, it is nothing new, nor illegal…remember who writes and makes the laws! In 1932, vets who were promised bonuses for their services overseas in the war to end all wars that lasted from 1914-1918, but never received them, marched on the Capital as a collective group called the “Bonus Marchers.” In fact, there were a total of 43,000 persons including 17,000 veterans who saw battle) along with their families and veterans groups who made up the additional 26,000 angry citizens who rallied and stormed the Bastille, or in this case the White House in 1932. They literally occupied Washington, DC and during the confrontations, the President of the United States sent Gen. Douglas MacArthur with troops and tanks in to clear the occupation camps.

Tanks rolled over the tents and destroyed their belongings, shots were fired into the marchers and many were injured, including women and children, along with two decorated WWI vets who were killed in the charge. Along with Doug MacArthur who would run from the Japanese during WWII and get fired in Korea by his one time aide Dwight Eisenhower who was then president during the “police action, Gen. George S. Patton was not a fan of the bonus marchers either. The Great Generals who threw troops into the jaws of the “enemy” were the vets worst enemies during times of peace. Patton got his in occupied Europe in an overturned jeep and MacArthur thankfully “faded away”

Army, Navy, Airforce: A Crash-Course in Vet History & Former Soldier Abuse

Doing some historical recon, the records show that an attempt to pay the bonus for the vets was attempted in 1924 and passed by Congress. Then president “Silent” Calvin Coolidge however vetoed it, saying they didn’t deserve it as military service was patriotism and was not to be paid for. Too bad he didn’t live up to his nickname and keep his damn mouth shut and let the bill pass. Congress then in a counter move, overrode the veto! Victory at last you say? Wrong. They merely snuck into Coolidges back door of conspiracy and passed the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, the operative lingo being “adjusted” which is typical Congressional foreplay with re-wording laws. Instead of the regular bonus promised when they went into active duty, it now awarded them bonuses as certificates they could redeem….in 1945!

The Bonus Army as the vets were now called demanded immediate cash payment, but it was not about to happen. They would have to wait for the conclusion of yet another war to end all wars and in the meanwhile things were getting worse now for the veterans as jobs were scarce for returning WWI vets in 1918 and weren’t getting any better. They and their families were literally starving to death. One vet, a former sergeant named Walter W. Waters had enough and worked tirelessly for the next couple of years to organize the Bonus March to get what was rightfully theirs…even if it meant camping out in the capital and in 1932…Washington was under siege by it’s own vets as the occupation took place…soon the US Army would attack…the vets of the US Army in an incident that shocked the world, not to mention veterans groups world wide.

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