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Volvo Planning to Turn Cars into Mail Boxes

The Swedes have always been interesting folk; known for their meatballs, beautiful scenery and of course their automotive line Volvo.

Swedish automaker Volvo announced today it’s plans on bringing the future closer than ever before. Volvo plans on creating a system to enable packages purchased online delivered direct to customers’ cars rather than their homes.

The company said it had created a “single-use digital key” which postal or delivery services can use to locate the vehicle and open it. Volvo said that their new system “will allow consumers to have shopping delivered straight to their car, no matter where they are”. This system is really for the on-the-go bunch who need their packages as soon as they are on the truck ready to be delivered. Volvo is going further and saying this will benefit the couriers as well; “ failed deliveries cost courier companies around one billion euros ($1.37 billion) in re-delivery costs each year.” The project has already been in beta. With 100 people tested over 80% have attested to the convenience.

The new system will work via smartphone or tablet; when a company is ready to deliver the package the owner will be alerted — the owner than can accept the package and the driver will be guided towards the car — the owner of the vehicle will have full visibility with opening and closing of the doors of the vehicle.

Volvo will be displaying this in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress on the 24th-25th;the company is said to be attempting to keep up with other European luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi