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Watch Conor Oberst Debut Seven New Songs For WNYC

Conor Oberst has a new record entitled Upside-Down Mountain coming out May 19th via Nonesuch records, and to promote it he recently stopped by New York City’s WNYC’s Greene Space and performed seven new songs from the release. Oberst has been working in Nashville on a “country flavored solo album” with producer Jonathan Wilson (who produced Father John Misty’s excellent Fear Fun) and brought First Aid Kit along to contribute backing vocals.

It’s always great news to hear new music from the Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos/Monsters Of Folk member, but even more so now considering his recent troubles: Oberst was accused of rape late last year by an anonymous poster to the XO Jane website, and the story quickly caught traction and spread across the internet. Obviously, this accusation didn’t sit well with Oberst, who immediately and unequivocally denied any and all involvement, and then sued the female in question for defamation in February. Without getting into all that ugliness, let’s just say the accuser seems more than a little shady, as it’s beginning to come to light that she likes to make up things on the internet (and that she described the night in question as “the best night ever” previously). It’s 2014 folks, the internet is in ink, not pencil. You are not as anonymous as you think.

Ugh. Anyway, back to the music. Check out these new and exciting tunes below:

“Time Forgot”

“Double Life”

“A Night At Lake Unknown”

“Lonely At The Top”

“You Are Your Mother’s Child”

“Common Knowledge”

“Hundreds Of Ways”