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Watch Father John Misty, Local Natives, Brandon Flowers & Dawes Cover “Lost” Johnny Cash Songs

This week saw the release of a “lost” Johnny Cash record, Out Among The Stars, and in an incredibly cool move a short film featuring Local Natives, Father John Misty and Dawes featuring The Killers’ Brandon Flowers performing songs off of the album in the California desert was released a few days ago. The internet can be a dark, dark place filled every horrible human thought imaginable, but sometimes it’s used for good, and this would definitely be one of those moments. The Arturo Perez Jr.-directed clip is not to be missed folks.

The featured artists share their thoughts on Cash, with Flowers speaking of his admiration for Cash’s faith and Father John reflecting on Cash’s relationship with his wife June: “You can kinda hear them winking at each other, the two of them are in on the joke and it’s just such an intimate thing to get to hear.” Misty performs a charming duet the two recorded called “Baby Easy Ride” while Local Natives perform a positively wild version of the title track and Flowers performs “I Came To Believe” accompanied by Dawes.

Out Among The Stars stems from lost recording sessions from the 1980s with countrypolitan producer Billy Sherrill, which were shelved by Columbia Records at the time and later found by Cash’s son John Carter Cash. Cash recorded with Sherrill in an attempt to revive his abysmal 80s album sales numbers, and also recorded the album The Baron at the time. Check out Johnny and June performing “Baby Easy Ride” below:

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