We Are Scientists: TV en Français Album Review

Invincible, powerful, just simply blissfully joyful: is what you get from TV en Francais, We Are Scientists’s new album releasing early March.

These two guys are nothing short of delightful! TV en Francais features their thrilling sense of groove, underlying heavy metal feel supporting an addicting set of melodies, original take on pure, old fashion rock band. Theres something so familiar in their songs, yet undoubtedly unique which makes listening to them so easy. You know, as if they voiced your most inner thoughts and gift wrapped it for you to understand yourself and everyone around you better. This album is a fresh breeze of summertime, its the scent of a road trip vacation in a convertible, where time stands still as the rest of the worlds problems go fly beyond you, resolve in the passing space around you.

My personal favorites off the album you ask? Hmm, well, Overacting, Return the Favor, and Courage, though honestly the entire album is fan-freaking-tastic! If you know We Are Scientists then you are probably as excited to posses this album as I was listening to it, and if you don’t know them, you are in for a treat. I encourage you — no, command you to visit We Are Scientists’ site! It’s full of dolphins — and if thats not a good enough reason for you, beyond the expected lists of albums, tracks, and show dates (they are coming Montreal in late April woohoo for me). The band’s site also includes an advice column; the guys contribute their scientific knowledge to help people with problems ranging from career choices to uncontrollable masturbation habits (no joke), and their advice is as brilliant as their music.

They are everyone’s new best friend, and this album is the best addition to your collection.

TV en Français Album Review

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Final Thoughts

Fantastic album, addictive and attractive, looking forward to see what will come next. 

Overall Score 4.1 Simply. Amazing.

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