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Weed Vending Machine Now In Vancouver

Not long after the Bitcoin machine and Crack Pipe vending machine appeared in Vancouver, came the new Marijuana Machine.
That’s right, Vancouver has the first vending machine in Canada to dispense the devil’s lettuce.

Canada Follows Suit:

With Colorado having the first, Vancouver has followed allowing us Canucks to get our pot in a convenient unmonitored way. The biggest difference between Colorado and Vancouver is that Vancouver’s doesn’t require any credentials whatsoever. The masterminds behind the project, BC Pain Society, says they wanted to cut down on theft and handling thus putting the weed in a vending machine instead. They went on to say how convenient it is to be able to be in-and-out within minutes and have a product that is professionally packaged, stored and sealed.


A great medley of flavours are available: Purple Kush, Bubba Kush and wide a range of popular strains guaranteed to get those eyes red and appetites churning.

How is this legal you must be asking? Well, that’s still unclear as it’s technically illegal to sell the goofy grass without being a licensed producer operating commercially. Also, there are other laws forbidding it’s sale.

The law is the law though; even after a recent poll indicates that 70% of Canadians are in favour of legalization.


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