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This Week in Fashion: Brooks’ Heritage Collection

One of the key trends for the summer season is the resurgence of athletic gear. Long are the days where active wear were only meant to be sweat in; now it’s meant to be chic and styled to perfection with latest and on point footwear. So it’s fitting that icon athletic footwear brand Brooks Running Company has revamped two of their performance sneakers the Vanguard and Vantage as the Brooks Heritage Footwear Collection; a casual footwear line for men and women to celebrate the history, and heritage of the iconic athletic brand.

Originally introduced in 1976, the Vanguard and Vantage sneakers capture the essence of the 70’s; clean design lines, rich aesthetics and classic styling. Known as the signature shoe of Brooks the Vanguard embodies past detailing coupled with a fashion forward approach of the heritage in vibrant colour combinations, a style the collection defines itself by. The rebirth of the prestigious Runner’s World 5-Star Award Brooks Vantage features nubuck leather freshness combined with breathable meshing.


Brooks’ New Line Takes A Page From Its Own Past

“The Vanguard and Vantage were both award winning shoes in their categories that inspired a generation of performance running shoes”, explains Shane Downey, Brooks’ Heritage business manager. “We’ve replicated these original models with stitch for stitch detail which was of the utmost importance and maintained all of the technologies and details that made these shoes cutting edge in their day, while updating some of the design details to give them a modern aesthetic.”

“The color inspiration behind the line is Varsity Athletic as well as the running boom of the 1970’s and the Olympic images of the decades that dominated the headlines with the bold colors of the universities and the Olympic flags that helped to define the era.”

Brooks’ Heritage Collection is available and sold nationwide, the Vanguard retail at $89.99USD and the Vantage at $79.99USD. .


Final Thoughts

The Vantage stays true to its original style, if you are seeking an original with class this would be it. The nubuck leather shell combined with the mesh detailing is smooth. One of the cons, is it can be a bit of pain to maintain the nubuck leather which will cause the rich tone to fade if there is no upkeep. Pricing is a bit steep for a casual athletic sneaker but a great addition to your closet.

Overall Score 3.6

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