Welcome To Unity Market, Part 2 of 4: Inside The Recording Studio

In part 2 of this 4 part series Trueblue Magazine goes deeper into the “inspiration station” that is Unity Market and discovers there’s a lot more to this place than just a quaint café. The walkthrough continues with owner Shane “L.S” Dennis and Trueblue’s Ty “FreesTyler” as they head into the sleek and stylish recording studio located within the café. Room by room we’re checking it out and taking a look at some of the creative minds behind the scenes and continue to find out why Unity Market is a cut above the rest.
“There’s been a lot of great music recorded here and it’s just the beginning of that” – Shane “L.S” Dennis

Designed by world renowned studio designer Martin Pilchner, the recording studio within Unity Market is astounding. Complete with control room, a live floor containing wall to wall paneling for optimal sound, isolation booths and vocal rooms for spot on vocals. They also have their very own in-house videographer and photographer, Mr. Brian “B-Click”, who operates through It’s all a collaborative effort here at Unity Market (and that’s the rub). The recording studio alone is nothing short of professional and the open concept environment allows for both audible and visual communication between the artists, engineers and producers. Not only does Shane work on some of his own music at the studio but he also works hand in hand with James DaSilva, engineer at The Lab Studios. Artists from just about everywhere have come to work and partner with these creative minds including DJ Bosa from Anthem Kingz.

The great thing about all this is that the café and the recording studio are all under one roof, helping to affirm the main initiative of Unity Market which is to build a sense of community within Barrie and helping to promote local artists and their talents. There’s so much more going on behind these doors than you realize so take a minute and check it out with “FreesTyler” and your very own Trueblue Magazine!

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