Welcome To The Unity Market: Part 3 of 6

“We’re a big outlet for positive activism and awareness of social and environmental initiatives.” – Shane Dennis

In part 3 of this 6 part series, Trueblue Magazine and Ty “Freestyler” are sitting up in the Unity Market’s Cypher space with Shane “L.S.” Dennis, as they delve into the workings and general “goings on” of the Unity Market itself. Whereas the first two parts of this exclusive series had us touring around the rest of the facilities, this time things are a bit more subdued. Our guys are sitting in the Unity Market’s warm and comforting surroundings – which really sets the tone and reveals just how laid back and inviting this special place can be.

Sitting Down With Shane

How does it happen? Where does it all come from? What do they do? How do they do it? Who is behind it? These are some of the general questions tackled in the sit-down interview with Shane Dennis that takes up most of this part of the series. From using sustainable local “Farmer’s Market” food source for his business, to supporting his friend’s ‘Back to Basics‘ urban gardens, and initiative using cargo shipping containers to build homes – Shane highlights many ways how Unity Market has created a place that fosters and nurtures ingenuity and fresh ideas to solve old and tough challenges.

What an opportunity to learn straight from the man himself in the actual environment that makes it happen. An environment that makes community possible. After all, the slogan is: “Unity Market – It’s Where The Community’s Heart Lives.” So go ahead, pull up a chair and sit in as these guys break down everything “Unity Market”. A very worthy bit of education on a very worthy endeavor indeed.

Thanks, Guys!