Welcome To The Unity Market Part 1 (Video)

“It’s become quite the hub in our community.” ~ Shane “L.S.” Dennis

Enjoy some java while making the world a better place! Where else can you find unique local artistry, mouth-watering food and positive community outlook projects under one roof? Unity Market, that’s where. Located at 25 Toronto Street in Barrie Ontario, Unity Market is more than just your average corner café.

Join us as Trueblue Magazine ventures through the doors of this “inspiration station” and see what you’ve been missing in your very own backyard! For Part 1 of this 4 part exclusive, Trueblue’s correspondent Ty “FreesTyler” is on the scene and finding out what makes this place truly unique, and why it’s a fundamental establishment for the community. The journey begins just inside the doors where we meet one of the master minds behind the idea of Unity Market, Mr. Shane “L.S” Dennis.

Making The Difference!

Take a look around and you’ll see a wall to wall display of artwork and paintings by local artists (and yes, you can purchase these right off the wall!). Not into art? No biggie! Check out the assortment of vinyl records, local music, handmade purses, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Unity Market prides itself on their use of local, organic and fair trade products so you’re sure to find something that’s one of a kind! But despite looking cool and having a relaxed vibe, Unity Market is also a major social platform where people can become informed and engage in just about everything from local art and music to social and environmental issues.

Unity Market Café & Studios is a strong advocate for a sense of community within Barrie and promotes social interaction by hosting numerous events on a weekly basis. All this and more will be uncovered in the coming parts of the series so be sure to check out this Part 1 of 4 – with the one and only Trueblue Magazine and FreesTyler!