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Wes Barker: Magician Comedian – Live in Vancouver!

“Why don’t you want to have sex with me?” ~ Wes Barker

This past Saturday night (March 8th), the Trueblue Magazine team went to Vancouver to see the amazing Wes Barker live in action.

It was such an amazing night! For those unfamiliar, Wes Barker is a very original and entertaining Magician Comedian act that we were lucky to experience.

Opening up for Wes was John Cullen, school teacher! Don’t think for one second that John had lame PG jokes; John made the whole audience laugh at the expense of his students and drunk girls that like McD’s pizza and phone games. When Mr. Cullen left, the audience was roaring for more.

What A Class Act!

When Wes came out, the audience went wild – something I just have never seen before. Wes had to wait nearly an entire minute for the applause to cease.

He thanked everyone for coming and noted how it was a packed theatre – 1200 people – and his biggest show yet! Wes started off with a joke about men with big trucks. Specifically, the ones who think they are tough macho men and how they believe they should have every girl who they set eyes on.

It was not only funny because it was true, but also because he used various voices to perfectly illustrate his point.

Out Of The Blue!

One of Trueblue Magazine’s guests, Heather, was chosen to do one of Wes’ tricks. It was a combination of ‘ask the audience‘ and ‘ask Heather‘.

Wes asked 5 questions: 1) Would you sleep with me? (Heather said no, she wants to be married), 2) What would it take to sleep with me? (the answer was 10 shots of whiskey), 3) Who would I have to be for you to sleep with me? (Will Farrell), 4) Something about condoms (answer: pink Durex), and finally, 5) What position should we do it in? (doggy)

Such a great act by Wes!

Mr. Barker went on to tell jokes about his times in Australia and his drunk adventures in a hostel. Embarrassed as he was, the audience loved it! He spoke about his pink “fight me” tshirt which got him in lots of trouble over the years and his lust for travel.

“Wes was absolutely hilarious, I wasn’t expecting such a great time.” ~ Me (at the end of the night!)

The Verdict!

The venue was laughing the entire night and asking for an encore, unfortunately Wes had to end the show which he received standing ovations. The 5 of us had the time of our lives, and can’t wait to be invited to another event by:

Mr. Wes Barker, Magician Comedian Extraordinaire!

On behalf of the Trueblue Team, I want to thank Wes for the high quality entertainment and of course for the press passes and great seats..

Thank you, Wes!

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