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Wes Barker: Magician, Stuntman, Cool Dude

Wes Barker and I have known each other for years now. We both lived in Langley, BC before we went our separate ways. We met at a charity function one night. Wes was doing tricks, I was observing. You could call it friendship at first sight – if that is a thing. He is someone who has always inspired me, so I approached Wes with an idea to write this article about him and he was finally able to pencil Trueblue Magazine in for a quick interview. He has always intrigued me with his line of work: magician, comedian, stuntman, cool dude. Okay the last one is my opinion, but I am sure you will agree.

Magician, stuntman and comedian. What does that mean? It means he is a magician. Okay okay, not JUST a magician, but an eccentric, laughs galore, modern, no-rabbits-in-the-hat kinda magician! His shows feature a medley of comedy, magic, crazy stunts, and crowd interaction which is a sure promise for a fantastic time! During a full length show, Wes will amaze you with such stunts as swallowing a balloon, vanishing girls and goldfish (sometimes at the same time), performing straightjacket escape (like Houdini), walking barefoot on broken glass (with a woman from the audience on his shoulders), and a slew of other amazing acts.

Wes has been featured on Canada’s Got Talent, YTV’s Zoink’d, and The Rush. He is also the resident magician at Cascades Casino in Langley. Wes travels across Canada performing at various universities, theatres, and corporate events. Although there are many “comedy magicians” out there, Wes is one of the only magicians who doubles up as an actual stand-up comedian. He can be seen performing his stand-up in various comedy clubs and comedy contests all over the country.

Here are some non-biased reviews from heavy hitters in the writing community.

“I love it! You’re hilarious! I would see you in a club or theatre anytime.” (after watching Wes for only 9 seconds) – Allison Shaw, editor at Trueblue

“You wouldn’t trust a hairdresser to fix your car, so don’t trust any old magician to entertain you.” – Annie, trustable source

I had a quick Q&A with Wes about his  break through and struggle into the industry

“I used to believe EVERYTHING society (and our parents) told us. I used to believe it because it’s the social norm. They said “follow your dreams” and “be what you want”, but what they really mean is “you can have any job… just choose from this list of ‘normal’ jobs”. It’s funny to me now, but at the time it seemed to make sense. So I went to university for business, and after that, I went to work at a ‘normal’ job.  At this point I was performing regularly but still part-time. One day I got pulled into my bosses office to talk about the future of employment, and how a better position may open up for me very soon. That hit me like a hammer. I knew if I took a promotion right then, I would probably ended up staying there for the next 30 years. 

It would be so easy to let that happen. So I quit right there. Got in my car and drove away. I only had to stop once to throw-up. I couldn’t believe that in an instant I went from being a 9-5er who was unhappy, uninterested, and uninspired, to a full-time entertainer! And I never looked back. In the last 2 years, every dollar I’ve earned has been from making people laugh with comedy and magic.  People are so afraid of failing, but in reality, the worst that could happen is you’d end up right back where you are now. I’m lucky to have experienced both sides because now I know there is nothing to lose, everything to gain. I love my life. I love to create. I love to travel around and amaze audiences. I’ve even grown to love the irregular pay!  It’s definitely a different kind of lifestyle, and it’s not for everyone. But it’s the only way for me. Does that answer in any way fit the question?”

Most definitely!

Wes will be opening at The Vogue in Vancouver on March 8th, don’t forget to grab your tickets and come on down. The Trueblue team will be there!

You can find the second most interesting man in the world on his: Website YouTube Twitter Facebook

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