What Does Trueblue Mean to You? (Video)

This was the question of the day as the Trueblue crew and I hit the Eaton Centre food court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

 How We Roll (Film):

After a brief delay from security we were able to continue on with the shoot. Being downtown in one of the most diverse multicultural cities in North America I was surprised to find that a lot of people had a similar response when asked:

What does true blue mean to you?

Keeping things 100% and real“, along with remaining true to yourself regardless of hardships, was basically the general publics perception of what was meant by the phrase “True Blue.” I then proceeded to ask about what you would expect from an online publication who’s motto is “speak freely, speak true” and again the responses were very much the same.

I found most people would anticipate reading articles covering issues which may not get the media attention they deserve, or topics that are not often spoken about.

Word On The Street!

Reading articles without a filter or much censorship is what a lot of people said they would expect. They saw a connection between being ‘true’ and the importance of authors or writers who would bring to the surface issues that are kept in the dark or under water. Men, women, groups and individuals, ages ranging from 15 to 35, and including the amazing spiderman all had the same idea in mind when asked what they would write about if they were given the platform. They would write about issues that resonate with them which don’t get much media attention. All in all we had a good day and where confirmed in our mission statement.

Stay true and speak freely is what I intend on doing..

I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for next week’s segment: “Did you Know?

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