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Why I Love Trueblue: Part 3

It is what Trueblue is all about; free and uninhibited speech.

The team at True Blue Magazine believes in the power of the unfiltered truth. Trueblue is the kind of place where independent writers like me can curate information in any way that we please. That is what makes this place unique. When writers can say what they want in the way they want, we can arrive at a fuller truth, a knowledge greater than our own individual knowledge. At Trueblue, we really can write freely and truly. To write freely and truly is the cornerstone of any democracy, but it is even more than that; it is the cornerstone of progress. For most of human history, few could write and speak openly. Those that did often paid the ultimate price. With Trueblue, I, and you, have the opportunity to stand on their shoulders to push the open forum further and to assist in human progress. I will always be thankful to Trueblue for that and will continue to write freely and truly.