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Wisdom From Five Decades

I was born in the ‘70’s and don’t remember a damn thing about ‘em. The ‘80’s were pretty much a daze as well. The majority of the ‘90’s are null and void and so is the first decade and a half, roughly, of this new millennium. I may have constructed the things I know to be truth from thoughts/ideas/feelings from events which may have, and quite possibly did, happen and end differently than I remember them. But I’m surely not going to try and rewrite the past today.

A long view of things and some gentle advice:

What I am going to attempt here today is simply to pass on some wisdom I’ve picked up over the years in regard to a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a small portion of the other thing and maybe, just maybe, the entire kit and caboodle of making it out of this life alive. Off we go.

  • Never point a gun at anything you’ve no intention of killing.
  • Find the most beautiful woman in the room and if she’s single, make her yours. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best looking guy in the room or someplace below the happy middle, having confidence in your ability with her will be evident. (And confidence goes a long way. Trust me!)
  • Never make your first date a movie night at the theater. You want to start getting to know them, not learning their fake laugh. Go someplace where you can talk.
  • Have all tools/utensils which may be needed someday, waiting to be used, before you need to use them. (i.e.- plungers, bottle openers, chainsaws, shovels. Side note: don’t buy on the cheap; spend the money so you’ll only need to buy them once.)
  • Never, under any circumstance, hit a man who is not looking at you or doesn’t expect it. You’re a man. If you’re to fight, fight like one.
  • Look people in the eye when you speak to them and while you stand to shake their hand.
  • When trying to decide what to do with life know what you have a passion for and find the one way to get paid for loving it.


  • Respect comes with having respect. Not just with people, but for everything. Not just the things which can better your life in some way, but holding respect for creatures which could eat you might save your ass some day if you find yourself stuck on a secluded tropical island full of 10-foot tall Polar Bears and other things which, in no way, should actually be there.
  • Life is tough and bad things will happen to all of us. Don’t wait for things to change for the better. Make them change for the better. And never, under any circumstance, blame the bad things which happen to you on people who played no part in your misfortune.
  • Every time you leave the house, be dressed expecting to meet the love of your life, unless you’ve already met them. If such be the case, understand how lucky you truly are.
  • Every man needs one high quality, tailored suit.
  • Never, ever, ever stop learning. Learn something new each day you wake up . If you ever find yourself to be the smartest man in the room, you’re in the wrong room, friend.
  • LADIES: Stop waiting for the perfect man, you’ll never find him. He’ll find you.

Life is what you make of it and when you’ve got a life full of good things, you have a life well made!

Now, if some of these things have caught your attention or have started your thought process along the road to bettering yourself in any way, I’m happy for you. If you feel these items to be a collection of gibberish that hold no effect on the life you live, I’m still happy for you. Just be sure you’re reading this in the right room.

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