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X Marks The Spot

The dawn of an era is over, not in a bad way perhaps but I will get to that in a bit. Shockingly, it seems that the Apple Music Festival is going on hiatus till further notice. The event, which started in 2007 under the name iTunes Music Festival but rebranded in 2015 as Apple Music Festival, was confirmed by Music Business Worldwide on Monday. It is unfortunate that one of the biggest music platforms in the world will no longer organize the annual 10 day event in London any longer.
Aforementioned, not all of this is doom and gloom. Apple’s biggest competition, Spotify, has decided to fill the gap that has recently been left. Spotify, naturally less narcissistic, has titled their upcoming festival Who We Be after a popular playlist on their platform. Their first event will be held on November 30th at Alexandra Palace in London. Tickets will go on sale September 11th and will cost a modest $45. 
The staff at Trueblue would sure love to go, so if all goes well we will see you there!

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