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XY – The Secure Tracking Tag.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve thought “Oh I’ll just call my keys.” after losing them an embarrassing number of times. That of course doesn’t work. But now it can, sort of. XY is a neat little gadget that let’s you track whatever you stick it on. For me it would be my keys. It comes with an app for your iphone or android device that let’s you home in on your runaway effects.

XY has been in development for 18 months and is nearing completion. It works via the bluetooth chip built into your average smartphone. The accompanying app has a few different modes to help you find and avoid forgetting your very important objects. The most interesting mode might be the lost it mode. It basically crowd sources finding your lost object to the XY community. Whenever an XY users comes within range of a lost object it informs them and you so you can go pick it up or meet up somewhere to retrieve it.

For $15 you can snag your very own XY tag. $40 will net you a 3-pack. The rewards ramp up from there and include XY pet collars, beta hardware, and a trip to San Diego to meet the team and take a crack at dethroning the office champ in Mortal Kombat.

The device looks really handy. The hardware is really well thought out from the bluetooth chip’s performance and battery life to the ability to replace the battery yourself. The app looks like it has a bunch of good baseline features that still have some room for functionality expansion. The only real draw back would be a small community that would limit the functionality of the crowd features but due to the nature of kickstarter funding there will at least be a small community of XY users to fuel the crowd features. Given that the XY tag has modes that will prevent you from losing your stuff in the first place limited crowd finding functionality is effectively circumvented. So far XY has over 1/3 of its funding goal with a little less than two months to go. Device delivery is estimated for June 2014.

Check it out here!

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